Fun, highly professional and modern party band!

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Hello and welcome to The Cheers website!

The Cheers are a fun and highly professional party band with a modern edge, based in Surrey. Founded in June 2012 by three, The Cheers quickly became five, offering male and female lead vocals, which forms part of their core line up (the Quintet). Fast forward to 2019 and a few hundred events later, this versatile family of musicians now offer a range of line-ups, from a small but dynamic acoustic duo through to the stylish and powerful eight piece with four vocalists.

This experienced and exciting collaboration perform a variety of classic and upbeat tunes from the 50’s to current day; they want to ensure that your party is the best it can be so that you and your guests leave with great memories, and a story to tell!

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Meet The Cheers!

Why not FUNK up your event?

Add a saxophone and be sure to request upon booking so you don’t miss out!!!

Medley (Motown/Disco/Funk)

PLI, PAT & Risk Assessment?

Got them! Public Liability Insurance (up to £10m), PAT documents and a risk assessment are all available upon request.

Forget You (cover by Cee Lo Green)

Want to cheers on weddings, parties, events and any other occasion?


The Cheers are available for weddings, parties, events and any other occasion you are celebrating.

The Cheers provide fun, upbeat and popular live sets for all generations, from Chuck Berry to The Killers and Aretha Franklin to Justin Timberlake; they want to ensure that every guest has an entertaining and memorable evening. Whether you’re getting married, celebrating a birthday or your business requires a fun and professional live music service, The Cheers are ready to go with PLI and PAT documents to hand.  You can check out their videos (above), demos (below) and more on this website!



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